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The trouble with doing a research degree at uni is that you don’t really conform to the normal uni breaks. Consequently, I either have breaks by ‘accident’ (when I realise after a day, or two… or a week, or two… that I haven’t done any work for a while) or I have to self-impose them.

Last year I decided to actually allocate myself a break for Christmas. A time to refresh and recharge. My year didn’t finish on the best of notes, and this time off was greatly needed.

So after having a suitably long break, I will be back to study and blogging as of tomorrow. I’m working on an article about shame for my ‘other’ blog RainbowRecoverED, and my first post back will probably be adapting this post for a more education/teacher-friendly audience. I want to do my best to stick to 500 words of blogging (minimum) a week. Aside from this I’ll be looking to keep abreast with contemporary issues in education, address some material around my research, and post based on areas of my work-life that has inspired me.

So happy new year to all! And I hope to connect with more of you in 2014.



About madelinebevs

Mathematics and religion teacher and researcher. Runner. Home-renovation enthusiast. PhD Candidate. I'm excited by education. Having taught high-school mathematics for several years I am currently studying a Master of Education (Honours) in mathematics education, with the aim to ‘upgrade’ to a PhD later this year. My research is addressing how the constructivist epistemology (more specifically explicit instruction in metacognitive and self-reflective strategies) influences students’ affective domain. Mathematics education and research excites me greatly. I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to write and work in this area. This blog will be (mostly) a collection of opinion pieces published several times a week on contemporary issues in mathematics education, with an Australian focus. More often than not topics will be generated from recent news headlines.
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