No post on Sundays

Well it’s not Sunday, but there’s not going to be an original post on Matthitude this week unfortunately!

I’ve been hosting EduTweetOz, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. You can check out a storify of what I’ve been up to here, here and here.

I’m also extremely excited as I heard from my principal tonight and I’m good to go with data collection. Just need to make a time to meet with the maths HOD and teacher I’m working with and we’re good to go. It’s amazing to think that I’m at this point. Data collection will take most of term one and involve surveys, interviews and observation. I’m analysing students’ interactions to look at how self-reflection and metacognition impact on students’ academic decision-making.

Next week’s post will probably be about Self-Regulated Learning: what is is, how to help develop it, and what the benefits of it are.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



About madelinebevs

Mathematics and religion teacher and researcher. Runner. Home-renovation enthusiast. PhD Candidate. I'm excited by education. Having taught high-school mathematics for several years I am currently studying a Master of Education (Honours) in mathematics education, with the aim to ‘upgrade’ to a PhD later this year. My research is addressing how the constructivist epistemology (more specifically explicit instruction in metacognitive and self-reflective strategies) influences students’ affective domain. Mathematics education and research excites me greatly. I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to write and work in this area. This blog will be (mostly) a collection of opinion pieces published several times a week on contemporary issues in mathematics education, with an Australian focus. More often than not topics will be generated from recent news headlines.
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