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NAPLAN: The Assessment that needs Assessing

NAPLAN has been back in the headlines again recently (although, when is it every really OUT of the headlines?): this time in response to a senate inquiry investigating concerns NAPLAN is damaging to student and teacher wellbeing and creating a … Continue reading

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Observation: useful for teachers and researchers

An integral element of my data collection process is observation. It’s hard to play favourites between my three methods (the other two being surveys and interviews), but observation made me excited in a different way. Not only is observation an … Continue reading

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Reflections on My Time Curating EduTweetOz

I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to host EduTweetOz Twitter account during the first school week for 2014. EduTweetOz provides an invaluable platform for collaboration amongst teachers, particularly those in rural/remote communities. Additionally, EduTweetOz facilitates teachers with … Continue reading

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Equity is the real issue of PISA 2012

The triennial release of PISA results typically results in a flurry of articles from the press condemning the state of education in Australia. Reports inevitably lead to league tables, proclaiming how spectacularly other countries outperform Australia in education. I’ve previously … Continue reading

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What is the crisis in (mathematics) education

The diametrical nature of the media often results in situations being presented as either a crisis or a non-issue. I recently posted about the performance pay for teachers not being the solution to the “crisis in education” and it resulted … Continue reading

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Performance pay is not the answer to the “crisis in education”

In 2011 the Gillard Government announced $1.3 billion in funding for performance pay for teachers to commence in 2014. A decision inherently flawed and contradictory to evidence concerning improving teacher and education quality. The debate over performance pay still rages … Continue reading

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The system, not teachers, to blame for the stress of tests

On the 19th of June the Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Daniel Hurst: “Teachers blamed for stress of tests,” which shifted blame for the stress of NAPLAN to principals and teachers. But are teachers really to blame? Or … Continue reading

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Cutting our most disadvantaged students out of the educational equation

The Rudd government’s announcement to ‘re-examine’ controversial cuts to university funding has been met with considerable concern from many academics. The dramatic (and forced) cabinet reshuffle saw the reinstatement of Kim Carr to his former Innovation portfolio in the Federal … Continue reading

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STEM: it’s critical for our growth

The growing need for elevation of science in the Australian community and curriculum was highlighted by Professor Suzanne Cory’s address to the National Press Club on July 1st. Professor Cory is President of the Australian Academy of Science, and spoke … Continue reading

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